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Sports Logistics & Event Planning

It is always important and also necessary to send guardians to take care of the students and the best way of the sending few people to accompany the students is to bring along the teachers and other officials related to the school. In this way, there could be a great interaction with players as teachers could help out the students while interacting with players. Another thing is that safety of the whole group is ensured when there is someone accompanying them. Now that we are considering the trip, we also need to look at a financial aspect of the whole thing. Since we have mentioned that this trip is intended for the students of the school, one way of generating a part of funds is the use of the school donation money or the school deposits reserve. This way school can be a part of the whole affair and the trip would seem as an official visit to the school to the club and in way garner more respect and hence the hospitality levels of the whole trip attain new levels. Funds generated in such a manner would also illustrate the levels of interaction with the education and sports bodies of the country. Another part of the funds can be generated by using a small amount of fee which is to be collected by the school authorities from the students who are taking part in the whole trip. Thus the concept of social responsibility of the individual towards the society also comes into picture wherein it is the responsibility of the students who are visiting the club to donate to the club for the development of the club in any manner. ...
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The author of the essay "Sports Logistics & Event Planning" comments on the logistics in sports. It is mentioned here that the paper discusses the various logistics issues which crop up while planning a visit to one of the most famous clubs of English Premier League Football Championship…
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