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A modern day sport - Essay Example

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A modern day sport is characterized by fame, gold, amateurism and commercialism; maybe due to rapid globalization that shakes individual to take advantage of opportunities for success and happiness in this field.

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A modern day sport

A modern day sport

Some students involve in varsity team in school to get scholarship. Take the idea of Allen Guttman, he described Modern Olympic Movement as weak and highly influenced by commercialism of today. According to him, there are major forces that drive the Olympic today and one of them is politics in sports. He further emphasized that Olympic Games are too complex, too prone to internal and external forces, and too appealing in different ways to vested interest groups global-wide.

On the other hand, Robert Mechnikoff in his book had noticed minimal discrepancy for he focused his discussion on the historical and philosophical perspective of sports. For him, many people who have involved in sports seem to forget the value of building good character and healthy body. Many people today engaged in physical activities in order to acquire ideal body built and follow the norm of today's gymnast enthusiasts.

It is quite obvious that many people who are successful in their chosen sports have never been into college because of financial reason. Take for instance the Filipino boxing champ Manny Pacquiao who is a boxer since childhood. He gets into this sport because according to him, this is the only way he can do to support his poor family. A Mexican boxer Oscar Larios is also from a poor family who found fortune in the boxing arena. The wrestling superstar Batista on the other hand, became famous and financially successful; though, in his childhood, his family could not send him to college. ...
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