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Doping in sports

The practice of doping in sports is not only unfair tot h other contestants but also immoral and unethical. These doping agents and substances often used have side effects which require that other drugs are taken to correct these effects. It is for this reason that doping agents pose a very formidable threat to the dopers’ health and their general well-being of the dopers. It has been establishes that the dopers dope for a myriad of reasons ranging from physiological to psychological reasons such as low self image. Such motivations besides the need to win may be so strong to an extent that an athlete becomes a habitual abuser of the doping agents thus putting his/her health at risk. It was realized that the test for doping is not all time reliable and is faced with a myriad of technical challenges which need the intervention of strong policies so as to help improve the practice of testing for doping. The substances that can be used to dope are discovered every day and this calls for vigilance of the medical commission of the International Olympic Committee to ensure that these substances are included in the list of outlawed doping substances almost immediately they are discovered. ...
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This paper seeks to assess the issue of doping in sports and how the issue is soon running out of hand and hence the possible remedial steps that can avert the possible doping catastrophe in the sporting world…
Author : gennarohodkiewi

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