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It goes without saying that men sano in corpora sano - intellectual training shall be combined with physical, which forms an all-round man. Educational system tries to implement this principle through different sports programs and activities. High school and college sports enjoy widespread loyalty and respect.


Indeed, there are even those who challenge the notion that, if nothing else, high school athletics "builds character" (Worsnop, 1995).
The growing number of scandals and lawsuits related to high school and collage sports raise a question if colleges should train professional sportsmen or not and how to do it eliminating different problems, which exist at present in management of sport programs and sport education. Studies reveal the following problems that corrupt college sport competitions:
Many studies have been conducted to study the nature of the college sport negative sides and develop some courses of actions to eliminate them. On the basis of those studies the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the Knight Commission have been taking different steps in different times to bring order in sport education. Thus, tougher academic standards for student athletes and a certification program for athletics departments were introduced. Though the new academic standards are not always fair to student athletes - in some cases they are required to do more than students not involved in college sport life. Some states adopted no pass - no play policy to enhance academic achievements of student players.
With institution of tougher academic standards and new support programs in 1996 graduation rates began improving and more student athletes appeared to earn de ...
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