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Steroids in Sports

An athlete’s career is fairly short compared with other careers and needs to be maximised. This may seem like sound reasoning for allowing performance enhancing drugs until one takes a look at the some of the health problems associated with the prolonged abuse of performance enhancing drugs. It has been associated with both long term and short term damage to athletes and has even been implicated in the deaths of some athletes. In addition, the use of performance enhancing drugs offers an unfair advantage to the athletes who choose take them in their quest for glory and money and completely goes against the unwritten values of sport which include honesty and integrity. When the view of athletes of athletes is taken into consideration regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs, it appears that over half of them seemed convinced that would actually contemplate the use of such drugs while the others firmly opposed it. ...
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This paper will attempt to critically take a look at the reasoning behind the argument that performance enhancing drugs should be legalised and then present the counter arguments for it.

Author : elfriedaboehm

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