Should the instant replay used in the NFL be applied to other sports?

Should the instant replay used in the NFL be applied to other sports? Essay example
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In some organizations, which deal with sports, referees are allowed to consult these replays before making a crucial decision, (Gamache 101). Some sporting organizations do not. When a referee is allowed to consult with these replay footages, then it is called video refereeing, instant replay official video umpire, television match official and third umpire. …


There are organizations that allow use of video only after the game, (Wiederhold and W Sutphen 54). In this case, the video footage is used as the evident of taking a particular decision e.g. misconduct. In 1955, hockey night, in Canada, was able to broadcast on CBC television. By that time, producer George Retzlaff used a kinescope replay which was also known as wet film. It used to air minutes later. A few years later, ABC initiated the slow motion replay, (Kramer 194). In 1960 during the winter Olympics, officials requested CBS to allow them review a videotape of men’s salmon race. This was due to a controversy touching on one skier. It had been alleged that the skier missed a gate. One of the members of the staff, Tony Verna, returned to the CBS New York headquarters and developed the first instant play system. This system debuted at the army-navy game in 1963. This became the source of inspiration for the CBS to develop instant replay.
Part 1: Problems that exist.
Instant replays were necessitated by the need to be accurate, (Verna 21). There was a problem when teams were awarded titles and trophies they did not deserve. One point can make a significant difference, (Wiederhold and W Sutphen 54). One score can be the difference between the winner and the loser. It has been observed that teams have been given points they did not score. All because the referee thought the ball went past the score line. ...
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