Baseball: An Analysis of the Divergent Views Concerning Origins and Meanings of America’s Favorite Pastime - Essay Example

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Baseball: An Analysis of the Divergent Views Concerning Origins and Meanings of America’s Favorite Pastime

In order to accomplish this task, this analysis will pay special attention to the following terms: individualism, pastoral, and traditional society.
For purposes of this analysis and the analysis of the aforementioned authors, individualism will be used with respect to the individualistic nature in which the game of baseball is played (as compared to other team sports). Likewise, the respective authors note that this individualism is likely a direct result of the individualism that is expressed through the frontier experience that American settlers experienced. In much the same way, pastoral will be defined with relation to the actual setting in which the game is played; on a green grassy field – intermixed with dirt and a varying degree of way marks. Finally, traditional society will be defined and understood with relation to how the game proceeds outside of time and due to the rhythmic motions of nature and individual highlights of the participants. It is extremely important to note that through analyzing these distinct components, this author has noted a great deal of convergence and coalescence between each of these distinct terms. For this reason, as well as the fact that each of the authors of the respective pieces interprets these differently, the reader will likely note a great deal of parallelism between these three distinct terms. ...
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As such, the purpose of this brief analysis will be to analyze the salient arguments made by the respective authors and work to draw comparisons and contrast between these while at the same time offering this author’s own unique perspective as to which of the above writers has, according to the judgment of this author, most correctly defined the game of baseball…
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