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American Football

The league name was changed into the National Football League. National Football League is the most popular sporting event in America. This NFL is the major football league in America. The game was originated with the concept of rugby. In the year 1960, AFL was introduced. It is known as the rival league to NFL. The full form of AFL is American Football League.
Popularity of American Football and Role of Players and Coaches
In the early 20th century, American Football has started to achieve popularity among the people. College and school football tournaments had also increased the awareness of professional football. Several leading popular players, coaches, and cultures or rituals associated with the game have attracted major of the Americans towards this game. Legendry player-coaches, such as Curly Lambeau and George Halas have increased the attractiveness and spirit of the game. The professional football had become more respectable at that point of time. However, the sports association and national sports authority collaboratively had brought some changes in the structure of the game. This change process has increased the popularity of the game of American Football. Presently, it is evident that, money involved in the game, fan following, attractiveness and TRP have increased significantly. Tom Landry was one of the popular players in this particular game. ...
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Walter Camp is considered as the father of American Football. Through these key changes, the concept of professional football game was originated. The concept of professional football was established in the year 1892. The American professional football association was formed in the year 1920 (Gruver 23). …
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