Term Paper sample - Do a paper of approximately 1500 words, including the required Minitab output, on a case that allows you to use multiple

Do a paper of approximately 1500 words, including the required Minitab output, on a case that allows you to use multiple Term Paper example
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Executive Summary Multiple regression is an effective technique to identify a relationship between one dependent variable and multiple independent variables. It is hypothesized the property crime rates per thousand inhabitants is dependent on multiple factors such as per capita income, school dropout percentage, population density, percentage of people living in urban area and so on…


Minitab was used to perform multiple regression analysis. It was found that only two variables had a significant relationship with the variable crime rates: dropouts and urban. It was found that as percentage of dropouts increased, the crime rate per thousand inhabitants also increased. It is also evident from the data set that urban areas are having higher crime rates as compared to rural areas. Other variables included in the study did not have much impact on the dependent variable. Introduction Property crimes in an area can be thought of function of many factors. ...
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