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The questionnaire was designed targeting the objectives of the study and all questions were selected in such a way that they obtain information that will be used to answer study questions. More general and simpler questions were put at the beginning to get the respondent into the mood of answering. Further, good questions flow was ensured as it is vital to arrange questions in a way that will not confuse the respondent (Brace, 2004).
In order to make filling of the questionnaire easy and non-confusing for the respondent, clear instructions were included at the start on how to fill the questionnaire. For example the respondent was instructed to tick in the appropriate box that applies to their answer.
Questions were kept brief and to the point and as few questions as possible were included since our potential respondents are students who might not be interested or have time to fill long questionnaires. In addition, it was mentioned on the questionnaire the approximate amount of time it will take a respondent to fill the questionnaire (Dörnyei & Taguchi, 2012).
While the questionnaires were to be submitted to respondents by post, the alternative could be the use of online questionnaires. Since the questionnaire was self-administered, there would be no much difference in the response assuming that the student population is a regular internet user and they are computer literate. The proposed postal mode of questionnaire administration may not be as effective as an online questionnaire considering that most students have access to internet and they can just fill in the questionnaire and email it back. This method is much easier than the respondent receiving a posted questionnaire and having to post it after filling.
In order to increase response rate, the respondents can be entered into draw to win a prize once they have completed ...
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Demographic aspects of the respondents such as gender, age place of origin and postcode of residence were recorded. Caution was taken in designing the questionnaire to ensure that…
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