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Mystery Shopping research for starbucks, costa coffee and cafe nero

The purpose of the primary observation in the mystery shopping is to do a random surprise check on the three companies in order to collect data without manipulating the findings. The information is to provide room for comparison of the performance of the three companies by addressing the achievements and failures. The findings here expose the areas that require improvement to promote the satisfaction among customers.
Mystery shopping provides data whose measurements are in percentage form. The validity of data is measured by percentages. For data to be considered as valid, it has to range between 0 and 100 %. The second aspect of validity is the measures of extreme information. For example, it may be invalid to obtain 100 percent score for all the variables or 0 percent for all. Similarly, it may not be valid to obtain a similar measure for all the three companies, say 77% for all the data being measures.
The research technique used in this exercise is quantitative, descriptive and systematic. First, it is quantitative since it uses measurable data to do the analysis. Secondly, it is descriptive since it uses the results of the analysis to provide the descriptive statistics and their relevance to analyzing the three companies. Thirdly, it is a systematic method since it involves the use of specific and well-organized set of information for the three ...
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From the exercise, the expected outcome is a comparison of the three companies to determine the best performing in customer service and satisfaction. This follows a…
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