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Assignment #2

It depicts the representation of distinct graphical illustration of the underlying positive kurtosis. The dataset is mainly linked to the left of the mean of satisfaction depicting a general level of democracy among the populace (Goodwin, 189-239).
The ordinal scales are constantly discrete in nature and is applicable to existing model of corresponding data analysis. Nominal variable are number of employees and corresponding level of democracy. The stage of democracies of the population is adversely skewed as compared to the underlying interval variable.
This scatter plot offers a platform for representation of the underlying set of dataset and commonly derived prior to analysis of the linear correlation coefficient of the prevailing variants data (Goodwin, 189-239). The level of democracy is inversely proportionate to the prevailing number of the underlying workers in the company. The relationship is adversely related concerning extends of democracy.
The 95% confidence level around the mean for the interval variable is 5.466553063. The upper limit of 5.466553063+ 0.095678992 whilst the lower limit is 5.466553063- 0.095678992 thus all the existing 95% contains the mean
Bar chary helps in summarization of the prevailing categorical data in the exploratory data assessment of data examination to exhibit fundamental distribution of the data convenient format. This mainly represents the underlying ordinal and corresponding nominal data.
Confidence 95percentage level encompasses the underlying the existing populace. The standard deviation of democracy is 206.5344828. The skewness and kurtosis of the dataset is -0.608361087 and 1.131668626 ...
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03448276 whilst the mode is 35. The Skewness and kurtosis of the dataset is -0.608361087 and 1.131668626 correspondingly (Goodwin, 189-239). The dataset has a negatively skewed which depicts that most of democracies are not satisfied. The kurtosis…
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