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How do I bring forth a social response towards disability within a psychoanalytical frame work ( I am a post graduate student)

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Dude, the question is tricky. It combines both disability studies and psychoanalysis theory, which are two separate things to get familiar with.

Well, I’d recommend reading the basics of the psychoanalysis first. This paper, for example discusses both classic Freud version and Sullivan’s interpersonal psychoanalysis developments.

Particularly on topic check out the book: Disability and Social Change: A South African Agenda. On GoogleBooks you can read the whole chapter of Brian Watermeyer ‘Disability and Psychoanalysis’. He discusses here how society on the unconscious level perceives disability with fear and shame at the same time. Disable people remind the others how fragile they (we) are actually are. The defense mechanism of our conscious tries to protect us from the hard feelings we have towards disability, so it makes us refuse of looking at the disability or even think of it as of an issue. That is why disable people problems were kept unnoticed for a long time.  

For more details read the articles I’ve mentioned. Good luck!