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Who is the author of To Kill a Mockingbird and what beliefs underlie the book? What other book of the author has never been published?

Looking for a brief description. Main points needed.

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Harper Lee’s early life shaped her lifetime career as a writer. Reviews on her work refer to Harper as a loner and an individualist who also believes in the importance of social justice. Lee began her career at an early age by contributing to her school’s newspaper and magazine. She was admitted to law school at a relatively young age where she studied activism. However, the course was so demanding that she was prompted to drop her role of an editor for the Rammer Jammer Magazine. After her first year in school, Lee disclosed to her parents that her true calling was writing, not legal studies. She traveled to the Oxford University in an exchange program but later on resumed her legal studies. At the age of 23, Lee landed a job as a ticket agent for the British Overseas Air Corp. She then joined Capote to work for The New Yorker. After meeting Capote, Harper revived her dreams to become a writer. Lee and Capote relocated to New York where they embarked on their writing careers. She embarked on a book, The Reverend, which was about a serial killer in Alabama. However, she never published the book. Lee then led a quiet life before and after the publication of To Kill the Mockingbird. Harper stayed with her sister in Monroeville, who was a close confidante to the author and often handled the legal and financial affairs of the publication. Harper Lee became a celebrity in her local church but often avoided the spotlight. She became a philanthropist allocating the part of her wealth to charitable issues.