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How many characters are there in The Great Gatsby? Give short descriptions of all characters and their roles in the book.

It was hard to remember all their names. Thanks to the title I know the main character. Please help me with others.

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The Great Gatsby has 13 named characters and several other minor characters who find mention in a couple of sentences. The main characters are John Gatsby, a reclusive and young millionaire on whom the story is named. He succeeds in the American Dream, and it pushes him from poverty to wealth and he wants to reunite with his past flame, Daisy Buchanan. Nick Carraway is the narrator, a bond salesman and cousin of Daisy, who is in a relationship with Jordan. Nick helps in reuniting Gatsby with Daisy. Daisy has a privileged upbringing and is used to a lavish lifestyle that her husband Tom provides. She reciprocates Gatsby's feelings but her allegiance is towards Tom. Tom is from an old Chicago family, he leads a luxurious life and has many affairs, including one with Myrtle Wilson.

Jordan Baker is a typical Flapper woman, who drinks, smokes, wealthy, single and has a relation with Nick. Myrtle, Tom’s mistress is from a lower social class who gains an entry into the social elite class through Tom, and is killed nu Daisy. George Wilson, husband of Myrtle runs a garage in the valley of ashes. His despair and frustration is evident when he finds that his wife is having an affair. Meyer Wolfshiem is a gambler and fixer who helped Gatsby to become rich. Ewing Klipspringer is a perennial leech who frequents Gatsby's parties and mansion. Henry Gatz, the father of Jay Gatsby, a person of humble origins who comes to the city to bury his son.