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identify poor practices that may lead to the spread of infection

what we shouldn’t do to reduce infection risk?

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updated 2 months ago

Among the common sources of infection are the following: not properly cooked food (especially food and meat), animals, unhygienic environment (polluted water, soil etc.) and other people. So if you want to reduce re risk of infection spread, you should avoid:

  • Not washing your hands before and after doing some individual jobs; before meal; after visiting a bathroom
  • Not using the proper PPE (gloves, mask, apron etc.)
  • Not covering your mouth while coughing and sneezing (and not washing your hand after you cover your mouth)
  • Not ventilate the room with a number of people inside
  • Sharing individual hygienic means (like toothbrush) with somebody else
  • Not cleaning your working space
  • Not cooking the food properly

Not using condoms