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Characters Description and Analysis

By Harper Lee Release Year: 1960

The present research is interested in making a critical analysis of all of the major characters in the world-famous novel To Kill a Mockingbird created by the distinguished American author Harper Lee (1960). One of the most essential reasons behind carrying out this research includes the significance of theme of the novel under examination, as well as the role played by the main characters by demonstrating the ethno-racial bias and prejudice prevailing in the US society till the last quarter of twentieth century.  How To Kill a Mockingbird addresses the themes of social injustice?  Lee (1960) has skillfully attempted to unveil the class discrimination existing in the US society with its full swing, which also endorses the points raised by her predecessor novelist William Faulkner in his A Rose for Emily (1930). Hence, the present study aims to present a critical appreciation of the distinguished work, which helped in bringing change in the mindset and trends particularly observed by the majority of the white population of the USA during the last three centuries.

Lee (1960) in her work To Kill a Mockingbird, through characters, has attempted to portray the social, cultural and political scenario existing in the southern parts of the USA during the first half of twentieth century. She appears to be censuring and condemning the injustices and prejudice observed by the majority of the dominant white racial group towards the members of downtrodden and hapless black minority of the country. Her depiction of different characters and their actions, reactions and behaviors at some specific situation not only reveals the nature and views of the white majority towards African Americans, but also demonstrates the command of Harper Lee on human psychology and her in-depth knowledge and exposure of the individuals belonging to diversified ethnic and racial and enjoying different socioeconomic status. The characters summary of the novel under examination has been made in the following study guide.

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