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Quotes with Page Numbers

By Harper Lee Release Year: 1960

Through the characters and the events of her novel, Harper Lee gives a many-sided prospect of the important social and moral issues. She questions racism, class prejudices, moral ambiguity, and justice. What makes the book special, is that the author considers these questions from the child’s perspective. It reminds the reader about the challenges of the child’s understanding of the world of adults.

We have prepared the guide on the important quotes that reveal the key themes discussed in the book. For your convenience, we’ve pointed out the quotes about racism, the central issue of the story. Since the characters of the book say a lot of things that challenges important subjects, we’ve decided also to give the collections of the protagonists’ quotes. In particular of Scout Finch and her father Atticus.

Enjoy the reading!

The edition cited: Lee, H. (1962). To Kill a Mockingbird. Popular Library Edition, New York.