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Sociology and Technology

Sociology and Technology

As science and research in development took place during the many industrial and technological revolutions in the world, more and better technologies have been created. Every single person in the world is connected by a single technology alone: communications technology (Elahi, 2001). This includes cell phones, computers, Internet, etc. and they have all revolutionized the way in which we lead our lives. One of the most important developments that these technologies have influenced is the way in which we learn and assimilate information. Traditional learning in the classroom has been enhanced with computers and the Internet allows students to bring the world inside the classroom. Mobile technologies have revolutionized the educational system by allowing greater opportunities and greater exposure to new forms of learning, which can be beneficial to not only traditional students, but also those returning to school to earn their degree (Kukulska-Hulme & Traxler, 2005). The first ways in which our communications technology came to be was only accomplished through that of pen and paper. These letters were then sent to their respective correspondents via ship, horse, or foot. It could take days to weeks and even months before the letter would be received. As such, news and collaboration around the world traveled very slowly, and so did the sharing of scientific and technological development. ...
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Human ingenuity has been a driving force for the development of culture and society since prehistoric times. We have always looked for ways to make life easier and increase efficiency through the development of our tools…
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