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Essay example - Diffusion of 3G Products and Technologies

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New products are innovated in the technology sphere with higher capabilities using internet. The market penetration and success of these innovations can be assessed by understanding diffusion theory, its models and further co-relating it to the latest addition of 3G (Third Generation) technology and products…

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It is observed that 3G technology has evolved over the existing enhanced 2G and with this market as the base, the potential for 3G sales will be analyzed by using the data identified from the diffusion theory.
The product or technology that is a new innovation and has to be marketed successfully needs effective planning for developing, marketing and sales and enhancements to reach out to the potential customers and further find a place for itself in the market, thus avoiding failure. This can be deduced from the popular theory of diffusion of products and technology where the process is understood in general and the technology and product's trends and their market is identified by studying the driving factors of the market with reference to the product.
Key elements like the communication channels and the market segment for the product over a certain period of time are discussed and used to assess the success of the product in the market and also the potential enhancements that can be made are traced. The two major diffusion models by Rogers and Bass are discussed and used to understand the diffusion process of 3G technology products. The advantages and the limitations are analyzed for the technology or products and the future potential for its success is predicted.
The process of diffusion of an innovation is primarily concerned ...
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