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There is a great divergence in the understanding of the role of hackers in modern cyberspace. While they are often considered to be criminals, breaking into computer systems to cause damage and engage in personal gain; most hackers are out there for the exact opposite reasons, to help the cyber-environment, and to do something they love.


By describing and proving each of the above concepts related to hackers and the defense of cyberspace, this essay seeks to prove that crackers, not hackers, are the primary threat to cyberspace; and that hackers, through their actions and love of technology, strive to and are successful at being the true defenders of cyberspace.
All over the world, groups of hackers are gainfully employed as cyber cops, internet security, and virus stoppers. Everyday they find "cures" to hundreds of bugs, Trojan horses, and viruses that crackers and hackers have loosed on the cyber world. At the anti-virus firm Kaspersky, in Moscow, "woodpeckers" (young hackers) work in twelve hour shifts to protect the internet. In the media, they are called computer programmers. However, their job is to correct code, and to travel into crackers' computers to hunt out the source of these security breaches (Johnson 2006). ...
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