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The Progress

Thus, the fact that society and technology are interconnected doesn't arouse any doubts. From its start, technology existed in a definite social environment and all its creations - spaceships, robots, electronic techniques, antibiotics, computers - have been the answers to society's needs.
So, if to follow Heisenberg's expression and keep the modern society's concerns in mind, I would create a scanning device with censors tuned to identify the explosives from some distance. It should be of a small size and easily attachable in all the public places, exactly - at the entrances to public place like buses, subway, supermarkets, cinema-halls, office buildings and so on. It would scan each person entering a certain place and ring the alarm if some explosive is found, either in a bag, or clothing.
In our time of constant terrorist attacks, indeed spirit will dictate and influence the tools we create. If people are afraid and insecure in their immediate surroundings, their major concern and aim is to create devices for protection from and prevention of possible terrorist threat. ...
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It is a common statement that the progress of technology has influenced nature and all fields of social life, but the same can also be said about the impact of society on technology - the development of technology is very much influenced by the demands and spirit of the contemporary social situation…
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