Global Environment for Network Innovation By NSF

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GENI is an experimental facility that will revolutionize research in global communication networks. It is open, large-scale and realistic in nature. One of the main goals of GENI is to change the nature of networked and distributed systems design, to integrate precise theoretical understanding with compelling and thorough experimental validation (Peterson n.


It is a revolution in network based systems. NSF is the immediate funding for community prototyping and experiments. Through this system researchers will be able to build their own new versions of the "net" or to study the "net" in ways that are probably impossible in the present day. It is also important to note that compatibility, with the Internet is not necessary. The principle of GENI is to give researchers the opportunity to experiment freely by assumptions or requirements and to support those experiments at a large scale with real user populations ( n. pag 2007).
The GENI concept is being explored by the US computing community with support from the National Science Foundation. The GENI will aid in networking and distributed systems, and to speed up the application of research into products and services that will in turn enhance the economic competitiveness and secure the Nation's future. It is expected that research performed on GENI will lead to capabilities beyond the Internet as we know it today. Or in other words it can be said that it will be the future of post internet. ...
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