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In this he raises expectations of computer users. The expectations are about the knowledge and facilities they need to get from technology. This book opens eyes to the new possibilities. He even invites them to think freshly and innovatively. This makes them to use the available technology to maximum extent…

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For this, he used the term universal usability. This enables the participation by all ages of users and of all categories. The categories range from novice to expert and from able to disabled. The transformation occurs due to the study of this book, can empower the yeaning for literacy. This can help them coping with their limitations. The book proposes the computing applications in education. This can make better use of the computer applications in medicine and business. This expertise in the users can help the applications usage in the government administration. After the world wide web a world wide media has been proposed by the author in the book. This world wide media can deliver secure patient histories in local languages in emergency room. It can create an emergency room that can thrive million person communities using e commerce. The larger and advanced questions about human relationships and society can explore the computer's potential to support creativity. This needs consensus and resolution of conflicts. Author finds in each chapter a skeptic corner that assumes trust, privacy and digital divides.
This can be termed as a text book on ethical issues in cyber science. This is regarding the computer communications and sciences. These ethics involve philosophy, sociology and library science students. He starts with introducing cyber ethics to readers. ...
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