Strategies to minimize moisture migration between ice cream and the cone

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This paper examines the existing literature on moisture migration, tries to understand the causes and effects of the same in the case of multi-domain foods or food composed of components having different water content or water activity levels, seeks to understand how the phenomenon affects the production of such multi-domain foods, particularly frozen foods like ice-cream and also attempts to study the available research relating to prevention of moisture prevention in ice-cream cones.


The other is the introduction of impermeable barriers between the ice cream mix and the cone in order to prevent moisture diffusion as occurring between the two components or domains or even with the external atmosphere. The study finds that introduction of trehalose is superior to introduction of the chocolate barrier in the cone as coating.
Moisture is of fundamental importance to foods like ice cream because it often causes deterioration in quality of the food. The interactions of moisture with food is actually complex. Such interactions may relate to the characteristics of the elements that form the food or may be a result of intricate association with the environment. Among such interactions, moisture migration is a significant characteristic of multi-domain foods like ice-cream. The different domains mean different water activities in them so that moisture seeks to migrate from a domain of high water activity to another domain having lower water activity so as to achieve thermodynamic equilibrium (Sitkiewicz & Paacha, 2006). ...
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