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Heteregeneous Networks

Since its introduction in 1999, SFU plays a key position that supports heterogeneous networks like Windows and UNIX systems to functionally integrate. SFU has kept up with the changing times, it has extended and substantially improved the tools and bi-directional integration of the solution and improved functional performance.
The SFU toolset enables businesses to build solutions to manage the interoperation of both Windows and UNIX computing assets across the enterprise. By providing interoperability tools and protocol support to unify these systems, SFU makes the achievement of this goal as simple and straightforward as possible.
Consequently integrating Microsoft Windows and Linux solutions is achieved by the use of a file sharing protocal called Samba. This makes it possible for the configuration of Linux Servers that they appear on the network and PC users like Windows based server. SMB can be traced back in the days of DOS time when IBM used SMB to communicate with the original network cards. IBM moved SMB token ring and then to Ethernet. It is until the turn into the new Millenium that SMB was integrated into the NetBIOS.
With the release of version 3.0 in May 2002, Microsoft replaced the utility and shell emulation layer of previous versions with ...
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With the rapidly paradigm shift into embracing heterogeneous networks that comprise of Microsoft windows system and the linux/unix3.5. Many organizations are also opting for the integration of Linux/windows concurrently into their organizations with an objective to combating overall computing costs…
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