Information and Communication Technology

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ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is generic terms which refer to technologies used to collect, store, edit and pass on information in various forms. Depending on how ICT is used in the schools, there are a wide variety of impacts that are both negative and positive…


Their study-ImpaCT1 and ImpaCT2 had analysed the statistical relationship between ICT use and education standards, pupil's performances and in different ages and subjects
UK being a developed country, the use of ICT has been very much advanced and most of the schools are now applying ICT in most of their learning practices. Focus has shifted from learning about ICT to learning through ICT. It is widely accepted that ICT has the following benefits as seen from studies here in the UK.
At present, students are developing skills on range of technologies that have in the past made little impacts on the schools. There are several strategies that are being used to incorporate them into educational experiences of these pupils. (Garnham, 2000). An example of such technologies in the UK and other developed countries is the use of mobile phones to compile when students are away from home and with some modifications can be used as personal response systems.
In the UK radio broadcast are day to day learning procedures not only in the junior levels but also at the university level. BBC broadcast is usually the favourite for most schools since it is being seen as the best media house with proper research structures. ...
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