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Cool Edit Pro 2.0 is 'a power-packed digital sound editor for Windows-based PCs' (Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Help, "Cool Edit Pro Overview" par. 1). It has been preferred by musicians and engineers (even amateurs) because this digital audio software is full-featured but has easy-to-use functionality.


2). Some of the features of the Cool Edit Pro 2.0 are (Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Help, "Cool Edit Pro Overview" par. 8):
More than 40 DSP effects, mastering and analysis tools, and audio restoration features - including Echo, Reverb, Flanging, Chorusing, Compression, Limiting, Equalization, Noise Reduction, Click & Pop Reduction, Clip Restoration, and more
There are two main views offered by Cool Edit Pro namely, Edit View (Figure 1) and Multitrack View (Figure 2). These two can be switched using the toggle bar at the upper left corner of the screen just below the File menu.
One of the great features of digital sound editor like Cool Edit is the "echo effect". In Cool Edit you can choose either "Echo Chamber Effect" or just the "Echo Effect" in adding 'ambience and spatial location' to a mono or stereo waveform (Cool Edit Pro 2.0 Help, "How to Add Ambience" par. 1). It's simple to do this, firstly open the file containing the waveform (music/ video file) to be edited then do the following:
2. Select from the "Presets" or you can fill in the desired Room Size, Damping Factors, and other variables for your virtual room (Refer to Figure 4). The microphone distances for your virtual room can also be adjusted.
AudioMulch is an "inter ...
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