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Essay example - Microsoft PowerPoint 2002

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The presentation is created using Microsoft PowerPoint 2002. It has 8 slides, excluding the title and references. The title of the presentation is "Data Warehousing Design Approaches and Methodologies" and is put to a separated slide.
The first slide is dedicated to Top-Down Approach, as it can be seen from the title…

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Major advantages and disadvantages of Bottom-Up Approach are also presented in the last paragraph.
The third slide is dedicated to Hybrid Approach, as it can be seen from the title. In the textbox below Hybrid Approach is described. Major benefits and drawbacks of Hybrid Approach are also presented in the last paragraph.
The fourth slide is dedicated to Federated Approach, as it can be seen from the title. In the textbox below it is assumed that Federated Approach is a hub-and-spoke architecture often described as the "architecture of architectures". Major advantages and disadvantages of Federated Approach are also presented in the last paragraph.
The fifth slide is about NCR Teradata Solutions Methodology that allows a controlled way of building and introducing a successful data warehouse. The presentation describes 4 steps required to generate the information out of the structured data in a bullet list.
Kimball Methodology is the title of the seventh slide. It includes the Nine-Step Method in the Design of a Data Warehouse, following to which one can get a rationally built data warehouse that are enumerated in a bullet list.
There is no referencing in these slides because of lack of place. ...
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