Cyberterrorism Essay

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It is the purpose of this paper to asses and explore the concerns prevalent in the topic of cyberterrorism and to identify from this information the most rational perspective on the path to better understanding the topic. It is the hope of this author, that by the conclusion of this essay a clearer scope will be placed on this topic of which up till now has had a very vague identification in the public circles.


Both sides have their valid points, this author tends to isolate what those points are and then use them against one another identify the most rational and sensible position. This will first bee done by identifying the most current societal understanding of cyberterrorism, and then the perspectives of the pinnacle players in its discussed arena. Finally, the facts and statistic on the topic will be assessed, before the summary and concluding argument of the author is presented. The position that this paper proposes is that cyberterrorism is not currently a threat, and used more as a tool to implement fear as a tactic for business and political purposes in this country; however, this does not mean it is not a potential threat. Research shows that there is enough technical capacity and probable cause that as American victories are attained in the war on terror cyberspace will be the next frontier for terrorist activity.
In his Washington Post article Consultant Hacks FBI's Computer System Martin H. Bosworth reports on a outside consultant hired by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) who breached the agency's computer network and gained access to over 38,000 employee's passwords. ...
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