Information Systems (IS) Application: Part-Time Instructors and the Short Courses Database - Essay Example

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Information Systems (IS) Application: Part-Time Instructors and the Short Courses Database

This essay stresses that system information can be regarded as a useful tool and a necessity in organizations today, it can be discussed as to how efficient information systems are to the organizations. The degree of information architecture that an organization adopts can be said to be a significant investment for the organization; hence, the extent of necessity and investment can be said to raised given that information systems, despite its complexity, has to be maximized to its potential.
This paper makes a conclusion that the advent of advance information systems has brought so much change in information delivery. And though this system has caused additional pressures on information systems developers because of increasing demand for efficiency, reliability, and security, information systems has improved and altered traditional information delivery which is usually time-consuming and less secured reason why information is prone to threats. The use of information systems is no longer prevalent in large businesses because even educational institutions area already using it as well in order to manage their information, particularly the offered courses. Educational institution is just one of the several sectors that are abundant with information which can be mismanaged if there would be no proper and effective information management at hand. Today’s information systems is proven reliable and secured enough to be used in this sector reason why educational institutions may no longer have to adhere on manual information management and then switch to its technological counterpart, provided that there is a proper modeling of how the system should work out. ...
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This paper will discuss the application of information systems to an educational institution that offers short courses taught by part-time instructors, supported by data modeling using the data flow diagram (DFD) and entity-relationship diagram (ERD). …
Author : bmccullough

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