Stub Shaft Manufacturing

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The manufacturing of the stub-shaft is different from manufacturing of shafts for centrifugal pumps. It neither requires forging nor casting. The machining is the key and major manufacturing procedure for the fabrication of stub-shaft. The manufacturing shall eb followed by some crucial pre and post machining inspection checks, this will ensure dimensional, geometric and characteristics homogeneity of the job piece.


The advantages of the manufacturing of stub shaft through Computer Numerical Control include the ulterior quality of the finished product, with "accuracy, repeatability, and freedom from operator-introduced variations". The reduction of scraps is possible through this numerical control operation, and possible human errors can be accounted for through this digital mechanism. The Computer Numerical Control has been successful in the reduction of the production downtime especially during manufacturing of stud shaft, and other geometrical aligned units. The advantage of the Computer Numerical Control is that it has advanced machine control. However the Computer Numerical Control has some limitations, their feed rate and cutting rate is slower than conventional machines. The finished product through CNC is not error-proof, rather it has some errors.
The material required for the stub shaft shall be huge cylinder. It is important that prior to machining following quality checks shall be executed to ensure and verify the material compatibility and characteristics. The material for the shaft shall undergo material identification test, the details of the constituents of the material shall be verified against standard. ...
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