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Essay example - Computer Networks and Operating systems

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Network Time Protocol is used to synchronize computer clocks in World Wide Web scenario. It has been described by Network Working Group in their Request for Comments: 1305 specifications. NTP standardize the process of time synchronization between national time and frequency dissemination services helps in time synchronization of subnet of a network…

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To achieve accuracies in the low milliseconds over paths spanning major portions of the Internet of today, these intricate algorithms, or their functional equivalents, are necessary. However, in many cases accuracies in the order of significant fractions of a second are acceptable. In such cases, simpler protocols such as the Time Protocol, have been used for this purpose. These protocols
SNTP has been described by Network Working Group in their Request for Comments: 1305 specifications. It is a simplified version of Network Time Protocol for servers and clients. It is particularly useful for the client and server machines which were using NTP version 3 to shift over internet and World Wide Web. SNTP is designed to operate in a dedicated server configuration including an integrated radio clock. SNTP protocols can be used to fetch time from NTP server to synchronize client subnet machines. They can not be used to synchronize time between their peer client machines of the network.
The first reply received by the SNTP client is used for subsequent unicast requests from designated server and client stops responding to other server replies. ...
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