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Copyright Legislation Impacts on GIS

It specifically protects the following categories of creative works.
In UK, the copyright protection does not require formal registration. It automatically exists as soon as a work is created, as long as it satisfies some basic criteria. These include having its originality or showing its judgment and skill. (MDA, April 2005)
70 years after the death of the survivor of the principal director, the author of the screenplay, the author of the dialogue or the composer of the soundtrack (as long as at least one of them is a national of the European Union and the country of origin of the film is a member state of the European Union).
Any information that has a location on the Earth's surface can be considered as geographical information and when this information follows the form of maps in computerized system, it is called GIS. This includes census data, hospitals admissions data, relief data from contour lines, text about specific places or photographs or images of particular locations.
A GIS is an organized collection of hardware, software, geographic data and personnel designed to efficiently receive, process, analyze and interpret all types of data of geographic orientation. ( )
Copyright is among one of the most specific legal issue which affects not only the users of GIS but the professionals a ...
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In UK, the current copyright legislation is based upon the Copyright, Designs and Patent Act 1988, as well as referring back to the 1956 and 1911 Acts in specific circumstances. The legislation has also been supplemented by subsequent Directives derived from Europe and international conventions and treaties…
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