Digital Architecture

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Digital technology and computers have been in use for a long time now. The technology was used for the creation of architectural designs almost fifty years ago and since then many dimensions have been added to the field. From designs of buildings, to all the different locations for ventilations in it, setting of water pipes and air conditioning curtailing to the environmental conditions of the building can now be done through the software that are designed for this.


As we shape up the interface between the designer and the virtual environment we are naturally going to produce a greater and far better outcome.
It will enable the end user to be more creative and experimental and explore possibilities that were previously tedious or impossible. The design possibilities of virtuality will enhance the outlook of environments.
Now we can also term it according to the duration it can last. For any new thing the duration is 10-30 years. If it lasts for 10 it would be popular as a tool; another 10 and it would very well be a theory and if it survives all 30 years it will soon be defined as a revolution.
It was the end of the 20th century and the beginning of 21st century that saw the emergence of Digital architecture. It was basically the progress of computer aided software and technologies that aided the drastic makeover. The computer applications transformed the design methodology; this is especially true for the "virtual reality", CAD/CAM technologies and internet.
Digital architecture today is how drafting was invented by the Greek or how modelling came into being in the period of renaissance. ...
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