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Natural Gas in Automotive Engines

Presently, the easiest way of creating motion from gasoline is to burn the gasoline inside an engine. Therefore, a car engine is generally known as internal combustion engine as combustion takes place internally.
Spark Ignition Engine is referred to the internal combustion engine in which fuel-air mixture is ignited with aspark within a cylinder. It is different from compression-ignitionengines, where only heat from compression can ignites the mixture. Spark-ignition engines can be eithertwo-strokeorfour-stroke.
However, these terms are not preferred, since spark-ignition engines can (and increasingly are) run on fuels other thangasoline, such asautogas(LPG), methanol,ethanol,compressed natural gas(CNG),hydrogen, and (in drag racing)nitromethane. A four-stroke spark-ignition engine is anOtto cycleengine.
Until recently, a major distinction between spark-ignition and compression-ignition engines has been where the fuel is mixed - spark-ignition engines mix fuel outside the cylinders and compression-ignition engines mix fuel inside the cylinders. However, both two-stroke and four-stroke spark-ignition engines are increasingly being designed withgasoline direct injection(GDi), eliminating this distinction between the two systems.
Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) is afossil fuelsubstitute forgasoline(petrol),diesel, or propanefuel. ...
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Four strokes is the most common so we will discuss the basic process used in this type, usually found in lawn movers automobiles etc. There is an operation which every four stroke internal combustion engines have four basic steps that repeat with every two revolutions of the engine
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