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Millennium Bridge - Essay Example

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As the world approached the new millennium nine years back, before 2000, various projects were undertaken to mark this special occasion in different parts of the world. The United Kingdom or UK also saw various projects; the most prominent ones being the Millennium Dome and the Millennium Bridge…

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Millennium Bridge

For this a competition was held which was organized under the purview of the Southwark Council in the year 1996, on an international level to select the best design-concept. The Best design was chosen amongst the various entries from all over the world. The bridge was opened up to the public in the month of June in 2000 and the construction process had begun in 1998. The exclusivity of this bridge, apart from its design and engineering marvel was the fact that it was a pedestrian bridge and also meant for cyclists. The cost of construction and the project as a whole was $36,000,000. It is 325 m in length. The structure is made of steel. Before this the last 'river crossing bridge' in the city of London was way back in 2894 and that was the Tower Bridge. In spite of the engineering knowhow and constructional knowledge behind the project, when it was opened to the public, on 10th June 2000, the bridge 'wobbled' from side to side and there was uproar in the media and amongst the general public as well as the government. It was closed after this incident and it was refurbished from different technical perspectives, after which it was again opened up for use in 2002.
Various reports are there which fo ...
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