Recycled Plastics in Construction

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There exist about 50 different types of plastics. Broadly plastics can be classified into two types namely Thermosetting and Thermoplastic. The Thermosetting Plastics are those that cannot be soften again, after being exposed to heat and pressure. On the action of heat and pressure, the molecular chain of thermosetting plastics become cross-linked, due to what it forbids the slippage when pressure& heat are reapplied.


Some of the different thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics are mentioned below.
Vinyl Plastics: - Vinyl plastics belong to the thermoplastic group. Vinyl plastics are the sub-polymers of vinyl derivatives. These are used in laminated safety glasses, flexible tubing, molded products etc.
Polyurethane Plastics: - Polyurethane plastics belong to the group that can be thermosetting or thermoplastic. Polyurethane is the only plastic which can be made in both rigid and flexible foams. The flexible polyurethane foam is used in mattresses, carpets, furniture etc. The rigid polyurethane foam is used in chair shells, mirror frames and many more. Due to the property of high elasticity, some polyurethane plastics are used in decorative and protective coatings. The high elasticity makes these polyurethane plastics resistant to a chemical attack.
Polyacrylics Plastics: - Polyacrylics belong to the group of thermoplastics. Polyacrylics are transparent and decorative. Polyacrylics plastics can be shaped in any form like the windshields for airplane.
To help identify and sort recyclable plastic, the American Society ofPlasticsIndustry developed a standard code, a code used in places other than the United States as well. ...
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