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Social Issues in Computing - Essay Example

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Social issues in computing essentially entail discussion of ethical use of computers in society to include aspects such as privacy, intellectual property rights and the impact of computers on society at large. Social responsibility also includes accountability of computer managers to serve the goals of society…

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Social Issues in Computing

(Madon: 1999). However this development is not merely a function of technology but is also related to many social issues to reinforce the capability of people to deploy knowledge for their benefit and within the social and ethical context of their immediate culture rather than a generalized view. (Madon: 1999). Considering these facets in the context of the developing World, where computers are being introduced in large numbers in recent years may provide useful insights of the interplay of computing in society. Technological development precedes awareness of ethics on issues arising from its use and utility. However at present in the developed World a large body of knowledge on the ethics of computer usage has already been built-up, which can be easily applied to concomitant development of technology and social goals in developing countries.
The growth of technology in the World is all pervasive. Systems are being developed in consonance with the needs of the society as well as through vicarious adaptation of its successful employment in other geographic and professional areas. The growth of the internet is a recent phenomenon in the developing World which has been linked with creation of infra structure particularly communications and increased availability of computers. ...
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