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The History of Weaving

Chapter one gives a discourse on the background to the study, Statement of research problem, Objectives and significance of the study and the Hypothesis. Chapter two presents a Review of the literature while chapters three present Research methods. Finally, chapter four gives a Discussion and conclusion of the study.
Definition of the word weave can take various meanings depending on the context. But for the purpose of this study, it will be taken as an art of making something especially fabric simply by passing threads or strips crosswise over and under lengthwise ones, by hand or on a certain implement. Weaving is sometimes alternated with knitting to refer to the same thing. In life, weaving could refer to the struggles involved in making ends meet. In the threads of life, (Barber, 1991) argues that weaving has been made to become an occupation particularly in the garment industry or and the carpet industry. In more technical terms, weaving is the coordinated intertwining of more than two sets of ingredients usually perpendicular to each other to form a sensible structure. Materials used could range from roots and tree barks to animal fur and synthetic yarn (Wheat and Mera, 1984). This chapter presents the background to the study, statement of research problem, objectives and significance of the study. Finally, the chapter presents the hypothesis of the study.
This is a historical study ...
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In this study, the issue of the history of weaving was comprehensively investigated and a comparison of the early woven fabrics with modern day woven textiles was done. The history of weave was the major concern of this study and was therefore done to the contention of the researcher.
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