The Power of Choice

Case Study
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The most intriguing, dynamic and complex facet of the human physiology is the human brain. The brain is responsible for the cognitive processes that man undertakes, as well as the inventions that man has made for the advancement of his civilization.
Recent psychology has taken quantum leaps in uncovering more about how the brain works.


As a result, modern science has taken the initiative of attempting to replicate the manner by which the human brain efficiently operates. Sophisticated inventions and high-powered computers aim to capture the logic that the human brain displays. Moreover, these cutting-edge technologies to encapsulate the manner by which the brain breaks down complex stimuli, to analyze it and give the optimal or most appropriate response to the stimuli that it encountered.
The most intriguing of the recent technological discoveries is Artificial Intelligence, otherwise known as A.I. These technologies aim to replicate the decision-making processes of humans through the use of logic, by building and analyzing a complex knowledge database. With this mechanism, the machine is not only being programmed to decide, but it is also expected to learn from its mistakes. The build-up of a knowledge database allows the machine to look at its past performance, and to avoid the decisions that will eventually lead it to commit mistakes or suboptimal outcomes. In essence, Artificial Intelligence not only allows the machine to decide efficiently, but it ultimately allows the machine to learn.
From this point, a number of questions, bordering on the scientific and the philosophical, naturally arise. ...
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