IT and IS Security

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IT/IS Security has recently become a major concern given that the use of information systems has rocketed. For instance, most processes and procedures can now be completed online; wireless and mobile broadband is also increasing in use; as is the adoption of information technology.


The same can be said for mobile phones and digital storage media, where mobile phones are more than just a calling device, but also function as personal digital assistants with access to the internet and related applications. Likewise, storage media has progressed from floppy discs and compact discs, to USB or flash drives that can be attached to key rings.
Van Loggerenberg and Morne (2008) have also stated that our increased use of computers and digital media has increased our dependency on the proper functioning of such devices. This means that as more processes and procedures are carried out using IT/IS systems, we, as users lose our ability to deal with and possibly identify the vulnerabilities associated with these systems. Another possible reason suggested by Van Loggerenberg and Morne (2008) is that we place our trust in these systems, and this demonstrated by the existence of extensive internal intranet and online systems which business and personal users access to send highly sensitive information. It seems that there is a common belief that the systems are safe, and that they cannot be intercepted by any other third parties. However, this unwavering trust is also a potential source of the vulnerabilities that shall be discussed in this report.
Vulnerabilities associated with IT/IS security is therefore focussed on the trus ...
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