Literature Review on Virtual Tour Technology

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Numerous developments in virtual technologies show up in modern world creating for people more and more comforts and possibilities. Different kinds of visions that we may see with the help of virtual tour technology, have elevated the status of virtual environment to the level of pop iconography, and some of those associated with the technology have arguably risen to star status.


As the following sections will discuss, the former objectives have largely been met by astounding technological advances, yet the latter has yet to be fully realized, as virtual tour users are still impeded by cumbersome devices and binding tethers.
In particular, current project provides literature review of technology that greatly appeals University and Real Estate industry, virtual tour (VT) technology. The latter shortly represents digital (often online) tour of location (actual or fictional) composed of varying degree of images and other media. Tours often are comprised of digital photographs, panoramas, text, and even sounds. Generally, virtual tour evokes the sense of moving or walking through the location. And that point will be outlined throughout the paper along with the number of key recommendations put forth by Durlach and Mavor (1995).
Virtual tours are driven by the technology that is used to design and build these systems. This technology consists of the human-machine interface devices that are used to present multimodal information and sense the virtual world, as well as the hardware and software used to generate the virtual environment. ...
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