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Biometric Security and Privacy - Essay Example

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If we compare the technology of today to that of fifty years back, we'd find that the advancements have surpassed the expectations of even the science fiction writers. The kind of technology and networking that exists around us has certainly made life simpler for us…

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Biometric Security and Privacy

As of now it is being said that it'll be almost impossible to change the biometric features of human body, which in turn will help the security people to prepare a reliable database and identify the people with criminal background. Government of UK has taken up the exercise in right earnest and hopes to make the life happier for the citizens.
In today's IT driven society, technology is all pervasive. In almost all aspects of life, the role of technology is all too evident to ignore. As the threat of viruses increase in the software world, the companies try to come out with the latest anti-virus updates and the cycle seems to go on. Similar situation exists in matters concerning security and privacy. Many a times, efforts are made by scrupulous elements to sneak in sanitized zones and cause discomfort to general public or destroy the security setup. Instances involving the theft of data from secure zones, theft of items from a retail store, fitting a timer bomb inside the metro tube, hijacking a passenger aircraft by smuggling in arms and ammunition inside a passenger aircraft, etc are the kind of instances which have forced the security agencies to go for an upgrade regularly. Technology proves to be quite helpful in devising gadgets and devices required for firming up the security apparatus. ...
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