Wireless Communications - Benefits and Risks

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Wireless technologies allow end users to remain connected to their business services much more than wired technologies especially when the users are mobile. Modern businesses demand more mobility of people in the form of either travelling or else moving extensively in Office or Campus environments.


. large number of business & educational journals & white papers have emphasized the security issues of wireless communications and need for stringent controls given that enhanced accessibility features of such technologies have also given birth to substantial access control vulnerabilities thus giving chance to unauthorized intruders to access the business resources of organizations. This paper critically evaluates the details of prevailing wireless technologies, their business benefits, associated security risks and the current mitigation strategies recommended by wireless security experts. The objective of the paper is to present first hand understanding of the proposed subject after carrying out in depth literature review. [Cisco Systems Inc. 2003; Wong and Dunn, 2003; Netgear Inc. 2007; WiFi, 2003; Rasori, Paul. 2004; Kim, S.H., Mims, C., & Holmes, K.P. (2006] ...
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