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Ethical Framework: Computerized Invasion of Privacy

What needs to be specifically addressed is the right to individual privacy in computer technology. Every human being is entitled to be assured their personal information is safe and solely confidential, at all times on the internet. Furthermore there are many bills that have been passed and laws made (old and new) to assist in the efforts to make sure these ethical concerns stay steered on the correct path but sometimes issues do arise ( "Using Global Liberty Campaign" 2005).
1There must also always be acknowledgement with regard to the rights of an individuals' personal history. What must be understood is the fact that no one's identifiable history can legally be passed through the net without consent from that specific individual. This must come as either a hand signed statement or it can also be verbal approval or an electronic signature but it must always be one out of those three. As long as these steps are taken then there would not be a reason for a feeling of deception or of having an invasion of privacy invoked upon the person. There are so many wonderful points to the internet and sharing of information. However, it is this same capability of being able to utilize shared information that can demean and invade another's right to computerized privacy.
Though ...
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This research will be used to substantiate the need for an ethical framework in regards to the specific area of computerized invasion of privacy and the legal ramifications of this. Through literary means, this paper sets out to implement and develop this idea for improved ethics in computer technology with regard to individual privacy…
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