Issuing Prescription

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1. A screen comprising of the details to be collected are shown to the actor. The details would include the patient identification, the patient ailment note, the date and time of diagnosis, the medicines that have to be issued to the patient, duration of the treatment and the when to consume these medicines are all collected in the form.


3. From the information shown, the actor picks up the relevant drugs for the satisfaction of the patient. He completes the form by entering the supply effected against the prescription and also takes an electronic signature from the patient as proof supply.
1. The prescription reference number or the patient identity given might not be right and an error could occur. An error screen has to be displayed indicating the error and the actor is asked to rectify it.
The class diagram shows the functions that are contained in the class and the attributes that are present in every one of the classes that is planned. In the attributes, PrescriptionId and the PatientId are the keys to the databases and the attributes of various classes. The verify is the patient id verification in the database if the patient id exists or not.
2. The technology adopted for the development of the system should be easy and user friendly for operation. The system needs to be spread over the internet and operated across multiple locations by a large number of users simultaneously. Therefore, the technology adopted should be web driven and the database should be capable of storing large volumes of data and retrieving them with little or no observable delay in operation. Technology adopted should ensure that all these are made possible. ...
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