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Management of technology innovation

29 Sept. 2005). Besides this division into types, there is also another kind of classification of innovation depending on its impact on existing markets or businesses. So we also have sustaining innovations, disruptive innovations, incremental innovations, and radical innovations (Wikipedia. "Innovation". 29 Sept. 2005).
Regarding the focus that keeps driving innovation forward we have that innovation is "mainly supply-pushed (based on new technological possibilities) or demand-led (based on social needs and market requirements)" (Wikipedia. "Innovation". 29 Sept. 2005). From this point of view we can see that Dell is a marketing innovator. Dell engages also in sustaining and incremental innovations as it doesn't look for radical or disruptive changes in the market or the process. And it is quite clear that Dell is a demand-led innovator as it focuses its efforts in satisfying the needs of the consumers or customers.
We can learn about Dell's position regarding innovation in its corporate website. "Dell Direct Model" and its "Open Innovation and Effective R&D" approach are two distinctive examples of its involvement in technological innovation as a way of being creative in its business activities in the computer industry.
Dell states the following in relation to its Direct Model: ...
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While it is clear that Intel is a technology innovator in the semiconductor industry, many analysts consider Dell to be a technology integrator rather than an innovator. This matter is much more complex than we might think. It is true that most of the role for Dell is to be a simple integrator of technological innovations, but it is also valid to consider Dell as an innovator in the instance of marketing innovation…
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