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Acoustic simulation of cochlear implants in reverberation

The cochlear implant is a minute electronic device that aids a profoundly deaf person or a person with hearing difficulties to sense a sound signal. This implant is also referred to as the bionic ear.The device works by stimulating the auditory nerves located inside the cochlea with an electric pulse. The implant consists of two portions. One part of the device sits behind the human ear while the second part is implanted under the skin. The device does not amplify the sound but stimulates any working auditory nerves (NIDCD, 2007).Alesandro Volta who developed the battery, placed metal rods and when he connected them to a 50 volts circuit he experienced a jolting noise, later French- Algerian surgeons, Andr Djourno and Eyries reported that a patient would hear sounds when electrodes were placed on the patient nerves exposed during an operation. In 1957 both French surgeons developed a clinical cochlear implant. This device was inefficient and only provided the patient with the rhythm. In 1961, William house and Doyle James developed a five wire device. This device used five electrodes each applied with the same single signal. The speech signal was modulated to travel at 16 KHz. The device was implanted and functioned better than the French surgeon's equipment. In 1984 the device was approved by food and drug administration (FAD) in the USA. In 1964 some patients were implanted with six channel devices but the recipients did not understand the speeches, the equipment was developed by Blair Simons of Stanford University. ...
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The cochlear implant is a minute electronic device that aids a profoundly deaf person or a person with hearing difficulties to sense a sound signal. This implant is also referred to as the bionic ear.The device works by stimulating the auditory nerves located inside the cochlea with an electric pulse…
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