An automobile parking collision warning system

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The proposed project is a sensor-based electronic device that will provide guidance for drivers to avoid collision within the parking area. This device is separated into two parts. The first part consists of the transmitter and the receiver. These will be placed specifically in the 'blind areas' of the driver (right, left and back side of the automobile).


Every distinguishable object that crosses the path of the signal is acknowledged. Once an obstacle is sensed, the signal then bounces off towards the receiver. The receiver processes the signal and outputs the necessary information needed for the next process.
The second part of the system comprises of a microcontroller. This will interpret the information from the receiver and generates corresponding instruction/s. This set of instruction/s will be fed to an output device which could be auditory equipment.
This section provides a detailed description on how the system functionality specified in section 1 is to be achieved. It also explains how the system would be tested during construction and how the complete system would be verified to be functioning according to the stated specification.
The obstacle represents any obstruction along the blind path of the automobile (right, left and back side). It might be a wall, post, person, or another automobile. The obstacle may either be stationary or moving object.
Obstacle will be detected as soon as it reaches the range of the sensor which is approximately 1-2 meters away from the automobile's rear or sides. The obstacle might be located in the rear, left side or right side of the automobile. ...
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